Real name Yasuyuki Hashimoto

Born August 31, 1974 Type A    Virgo from Kanagawa Prefecture  

Affiliation with Torba Co., Ltd.

From an early age, he woke up to old songs through AM radio, and during adolescence, he spent his days devoting himself to listening and research while collecting used records.

After graduating from high school, at the age of 27 after working at a second-hand bookstore and a long-term care worker, one day he suddenly joined the long-established mood song group Hiroshi Wada and Mahina Stars with the stage name "Jun Tabuchi".

After that, he worked in the same group for two years until Hiroshi Wada passed away.

After the group was disbanded, in addition to appearing in neo-Showa Kayo and subculture events at live houses in Tokyo, he also advanced to vaudeville and comedy live performances.

He has established a new genre called Mood Kayokyoku and has become a heretic.


■ Regular programs / events ■

・ Every Saturday from 17:55 to 20:00
Radio Nippon "The Golden Age of Tablet Jun Music "

・ Every Tuesday from around 13:40
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting "Makoto Otake Golden Radio"

・ Irregular broadcasting
Nippon Broadcasting System "Kenshi Hirokane Twilight Hit Parade"

・ Posted every Thursday

Shukan Shincho Tablet Jun's "Showa Kayo" Reverberation

・ Posted on Sundays every 4 weeks

Kanagawa Shimbun Tablet Jun Kanagawa Showa Kayo Wharf

・ Released on odd month 2

Special large letter crossword

Tablet Jun's Tsurezure Kayo Yearbook

・ Held once a month

"Ah, my beloved song" NHK Culture Aoyama Class

・ Held once a month

"Tablet Jun Showa Kayo Guide" Yomiuri Culture Ogikubo

・ Held once a month

"Tablet Jun Showa Kayo Guide" Yomiuri Culture Yokohama

■ Main appearance programs ■

Legal counseling office (NTV) where you can line up     Refreshing !! (NTV)   

Sunday Japon (TBS) Pittanko Kankan (TBS)   

Ken Shimura's OK SP (CX) 

Red and white song battle (CX ) that imitates a laughter   

Shimajiro no Wao! (TX) < ♪ Such Sarigenasha music provided >    

Kohnosuke Sakazaki's record era (BS-TBS)

No makeup! (NHK Radio 1) Radio midnight flight (NHK Radio 1 )  

Yuri Osawa's Yu Yu Wide (TBS Radio)

Ijuin Hikari Torajioto ( TBS Radio )

Shinichiro Azumi's Sunday Heaven (TBS Radio ) 

Toshihiko Takamizawa's Rock Ban (TBS Radio ) Masahiko Ueyanagi Good Ban! (LF)   

Fumio Takada's Radio Beverly Noon (LF)

Kazuo Tokumitsu Tokumori! Kayo Saturday (LF)

Program called "Sakazaki-san's Program" (JFN) and others


■ Projection ■  

Large Monster Mono (Director Minoru Kawasaki)

Robaman (Director Minoru Kawasaki)

■ Main song repertoire ■

In addition to Mahina Stars, Frank Nagai, Hiroshi Mizuhara, Joji Ai, etc.

Mood Kayokyoku based on bass

■ Main vocal cord copying repertoire ■

AM Radio Veteran DJ, Announcer

(Yuri Osawa, Rokusuke Ei, Shoichi Ozawa, Terumi Yoshida, Masahiko Ueyanagi, Genzo Wakayama, Shiro Suzuki, Taichiro Hirokawa, Kazuo Tokumitsu, etc.)

Fumio Takada, Shinzo Abe, Akihiro Miwa, Terry Ito, Yoshikazu Ebisu, Ichiro Tominaga, etc.

■ Special skill ■   

In addition to deep knowledge of Japanese popular music (kayokyoku, GS, folk, etc.), he also studies Showa entertainers, professional wrestling, sumo, professional baseball, etc. on a daily basis.  

■ Others ■  

Sagamihara City Honorary Goodwill Ambassador

Uta Neta King Finals 2014 Final Advance



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